$1.5 million chair for Fortune 100 CEOs by Pininfarina

Aresteline Xten office chair is designed by an Italian firm Pininfarina known for their hyper-cool automotive creations like the Enzo Ferrari and other luxury vehicles. Their latest creation the Aresline Xten ergonomic office chair is created for the uber-rich CEOs with mega-budgets as the single piece of furniture cost a staggering $1.5 million to design. The exorbitant price is due to the expensive material used for cushioning called Technogel which is known to reduce fatigue by 60%. Also, dynamic fabric Dynatec developed for Olympic athletes to wick moisture from the body has been used to create this premier piece of office equipment.

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Currently, Xten is available in UAE through OFIS, and with the impressive materials used to build this chair, it will remain comfortable throughout a long day in the saddle. The Xten is currently available in a range of colors for about $3000.