A classic Hermes Mahogany & Leather Valet Stand up for grabs

Does the man of your house leave a trail of clothing when he reaches home after a long day at work? And if that treasure hunt doesn’t excite you, then thank the French luxury goods house of Hermès for the best accessory for your well-dressed knight in shining armor. They have on offers a mahogany-crafted valet stand, which has been finished in fine leather and brass with ebony accents. The piece can hold any gentleman’s complete set of clothes and accessories.

Designed by Paul Dupré-Lafon, this is a limited edition recreation of a 1930’s classic Hermès art. At the same time, the original earned $65,000 under the Sotheby’s hammer. Spotting an Art Deco and vintage flair, the piece comes with a calfskin hangar for a suit, a calfskin tray for watches and cufflinks, a mahogany shoe rack at the base, and brass hooks and rods for ties, belts, and braces. This classic piece of art is priced at $3,000.

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