Ace designer Philippe Starck has created an infinity bathtub inspired by the Japanese snack box

Designer Philippe Starck has created a fascinating bathroom series for Duravit inspired by the Japanese snack box. The acrylic, free-standing bathtub provides an unparalleled, relaxed, spa-like experience at home and can accommodate two people owing to its depth. Bento Starck Box bathtub has a rounded headrest for those days when you dont want to do anything but submerge yourself in a tranquil bath to feel truly rested.

The water flow can be filled up to the top edge, and the overflow is concealed in a circumferential storage groove. The sloping water channel, aka the dry area of the tub, prevents residual water and makes a great place to set your bathing accessories and even gadgets like earphones, mobiles, or a music player.

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The cavity makes cleaning easy by preventing splashing water when the faucet is running. The free-standing Infinity bathtub measures 71″ x 35.5″ (180 x 90 cm). It is part of The Bento Starck Box series, including a compartmentalized washbasin, Bento Starck Box toilets, and Bento Starck Box bidets.

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