Add a hint of the 70’s to your home with this giant Mathmos lava lamp

Whoever said size doesn’t matter had not seen the magnificence of this new iO Giant Lava Lamp. After years of development, the wait is finally over and iO Mathmos’ new giant lava lamp standing 2.5 feet tall are here to change the milieu of your home or office. The lamp is a thing of sheer beauty with a solid precision cast metal body and a smooth chrome finish. The iO is held securely together and also looks fantastic from any angle. As is the case with other designer objects this stunning Giant Lava Lamp also comes to life after putting several talented minds to work. Mathmos Design Studio has worked closely with award-winning designers J.Coles and J.French over a number of years to design and develop the iO. Mathmos is known around the world as the inventors of the original Lava Lamp and they certainly nailed it with their latest offering.

For nearly $525 this towering iO Mathmos’ new giant lava lamp will completely transform your home and add oodles of charm to your space. Besides, there’s something insanely satisfying about watching lava lamps for hours on end. Soothing, spectacular, and sanely priced, this iO Mathmos’ new giant lava lamp is a steal if you ask me!

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[Available for 450€ at Mathmos]

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