Armani Casa Baloon armchair brings retro and modern under one roof

No other brand can decorate your house like Armani Casa. Even one piece of furniture from this brand can transform your room into a whole new space. So if you are looking for a unique amalgamation of retro and futuristic design, the Balloon Armchair from Armani Casa is the perfect choice. Luxurious and super chic, this chair is definitely a class apart. An epitome of class and comfort, this beauty from Armani Casa is definitely for the luxurious lifestyle. Resting on a nickel plated iron base, and looking nothing short of a modern artwork with its extra-large bielastic fabric curves, the chair promises to take your breath away.

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Available in two color options, beige or dark brown, this beauty is definitely a must have. The luxurious armchair is priced exorbitantly at £4,100 ($5,860). Nothing is cheap when it comes to Armani Casa.