At $75,000 the Aster Papposus Sofa by Edra delivers comfort with dollops of decadence

For once, there is an art one can sit on. Correction: many can sit on and comfortably at that. It is probably why it comes for a whopping $75,000; Aster Papposus sofa seems like a furry installation at first but is a couch instilled with incredible design and optimum comfort instead. Don’t expect to spot the price tag in the mammoth cushioned masterpiece, though.

Manufactured by Tuscany-based company ‘Edra,’ meaning ‘meeting place for philosophical discussion,’ the couch surely becomes that, if not more. Heck, it has a discussion-worthy design itself. Made from two identical polyurethane and feather-filled star shapes that fit together to form the seat, backrest, and armrests, the ridiculously relaxing sofa has no rigid frame. Its inspired design decrees insipid unworthy of attention and calls out to luxe-lovers with its king(s)-sized innovation.

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