Bugatti’s smart electric kettle will make sure you get a refreshingly consistent cup of tea every day

Gifting season may be over, but don’t we deserve a prize for surviving the first month of 2021? To gift yourself something that will make the rest of the year a breeze, decide upon the Jacqueline tea kettle aka ‘The Jackie.’ The charm of the prettiest Kettle will instantly floor tea and coffee drinkers by Casa Bugatti that’s shaped like a stainless steel handbag. It’s certainly not all brawn, and no brain as Bugatti’s modern electric tea kettle is brimming with smart technology ensuring you are never too far from a perfect cuppa. This piping hot kettle (pun intended) is compatible with the Bugatti B Chef App (available on iPhone, iPad, and Android), which sets the kettle to boil at a certain time every day of the week. To know what’s going on inside, trust the interactive, digital display screen that gives you all imperative information like water temperature, levels, and basics like whether or not the kettle’s been turned on. We love how Jacqueline’s technology makes sure you are always welcomed home with a hot cup of relaxing tea as its ‘Keep Warm’ function maintains a consistent simmer for as long as three hours.

Doesn’t ‘The Jackie’ look really refined and retro? It reminds a lot of a certain lady who was an American writer, literary editor, photographer, and socialite who became First Lady of the United States many eons ago. The new electric Jackie is made of 18/10 stainless steel’. Most of the technology is stored in the handle that s made of PCT Tritan. Casa Bugatti’s Jacqueline Kettle With Smoke Handle sells for nearly $410.

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[Available at: AMARA]

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