Flo-Rida’s Bugatti Veyron goes gaudy with a gold chrome makeover

Bling is a thing some can digest, and others cannot. Sometimes, designers go over the top, turning a regular product into the craziest of avatars’. Yes, I agree there are certain products that exude a sophisticated appearance if covered in gold or diamond; and at times just accenting does the trick. However, though some might prefer calling it glamorization, it’s just plain gaudy when you dip in gold a brilliant car like the Bugatti Veyron! This gold chrome-wrapped Bugatti belongs to music sensation Flo-Rida, who thought his car didn’t stand out enough on the streets with other Bugattis.

The singer seeks help from Metro Wrapz owner Bruno to deliver the required bling to his car, thus deciding to change the otherwise stunning car into a “Golden Gatti” resting on 24 inches, 24-karat gold Forgiato rims. What a waste of magnificence, I’d say.

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[Via – Metrowrapz and Wrappedworld]

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