Paris Purple One Off car by Fenice Milano rolls in gold for $3 million

Paris Purple One Off by Fenice Milano stopped by at Luxurylaunches a month ago. It is now known that some extravagant queen of the international jet set has commissioned this glitzy-ritzy purple beast. It will be modeled on the Rolls Royce Ghost which is already owned by the star. For a staggering amount of $3 million, the majestic car will be loaded with grills, wheels, handle and exhaust dazzling in 24 kt gold. Topped with new forms of seating stands and a unique carbon 24 kt gold dashboard encrusted with precious stones, the makers state that it will take 12 months to commission the Paris Purple One Off car.

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Along with a complementing purple leather bag with handles and carbon 24 Kt gold trinkets called Carbon-Gold Lady Purple, this car will debut at Fenice Milan in the coming months.
[Fenice Milano]