Is this the most stylish faucet ever? (It’s made by Tonino Lamborghini)

Interior design has metamorphosed into one of the most powerful enterprises. The scale of work has become so luxe that it’s difficult to tell apart a living room from a bathroom if not for their respective furniture and fittings. People love luxury and want it to be prominent in every nook and corner of their homes including bathrooms and toilets which is why there is a surge in demand for stylish faucets and fittings akin to the offerings of Tonino Lamborghini. A new collection of stylish faucets called Monza is now added to its Lamborghini Home line. It’s a thing of beauty carefully constructed with a strong body covered in PVD finish. To be honest, the Monza looks like a small and exquisite sculpture but is in actuality an elegant rendition of a bath-shower mixer with an adjustable shower kit. The new faucet collections are a completely modern and innovative, inspired by contemporary design with the lever and the spout done in carbon fiber.

The avant-garde design combined with a unique shape and finish makes it adaptable to any contemporary context and place. All the new models have names inspired by the most famous circuits of Formula 1 and are manufactured by Paini in Pogno. The models will be present in the Tonino Lamborghini 5-star hotels as well as in the residences and building projects.

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