Lamborghini launches official certified pre-owned program

Automobili Lamborghini has just launched a new comprehensive certified pre-owned program called the “Selezione Lamborghini” that will sell pre-owned cars sold through their authorized dealers worldwide. With the launch of the Urus last year, Lamborghini is looking to substantially increase its production volume out of its factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, and it makes perfect sense for the manufacturer to launch their own certified pre-owned program. Purchasing an uber-expensive automobile from the used car market usually comes with the fright of ending up with a lemon; even a small defect can end up racking up a massive bill. Customers buying a pre-owned Lamborghini from the carmaker’s program will receive the assurance that it has passed a comprehensive and rigorous certification process, that includes all necessary checks and information on work carried out by trained Lamborghini technicians, using genuine Lamborghini parts.

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A Lamborghini sold under the Selezione program will include a minimum 12-month warranty, which can be extended to 24 months, and it covers parts and labor, includes roadside assistance and a complimentary six-month check. Lamborghini has set rigid criteria for a car to qualify for the Selezione certified pre-owned program. The cars can have no more than 43,500 miles on the odometer if it’s a supercar and 62,000 miles for Urus. It also cannot be older than 84 months in case of a supercar, which extends to 120 months for Urus. The car must have undergone regular, scheduled maintenance as directed by Lamborghini’s service schedules and has to pass a list of 150 checks covering both exterior and interior features of the car, mechanics, electronics, tires, rims, and brakes. Lamborghini promises that all cars will undergo full diagnostic and road test before being sold.

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