Can this be the sleekest shisha ever? It costs $1900 and is made by Porsche Design

Let’s not underestimate the power of the shisha; it can single-handedly convert a party from a regular one to well, a party with pizzazz. You all know about the first edition of the designer shisha by Porsche design that we featured earlier. After that we got you some pretty amazing ones right from being 24 karat gold plated, bejeweled and also signature shisha rooms of A380. Joining the smoky bandwagon is the sleek and sexy Shisha 2.1 by Porsche Design. It’s here to impress with eloxadized aluminum for pipe steam, valve, base, windshield, mouthpiece, and handle, together they offer an exclusive and premium avatar. The hose in leather optic and the tobacco head out of heat-resistant ceramic add the finishing touch of perfection to this high-end product.

While it’s relaxing and fun to have shisha, cleaning it can be as annoying as cleaning after a party. Good thing is, the design team have paid attention to this aspect and the design makes cleaning very easy. Measuring 730 mm in height and 200 mm wide, the Shisha 2.1 Black is available worldwide as of September 1, 2019 in select Porsche Design stores and online at for $1,900. Shisha 2.1 by Porsche Design is made in Germany.

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