Creepy or comfortable? VonErickson’s original coffin couch adds a touch of gore to your living room

Halloween is a few months away but if you are missing the horror in your life maybe you will love the addition of VonErickson’s original coffin couch in your home. This unique couch is a weird but only way of experiencing the afterlife without losing one’s well…life! It may have borrowed the shape of an uncomfortable, rigid, wooden coffin but I am sure the comfort is unmatched, pretty much like the clouds one would be bouncing on in the afterlife. This little gem has a velvet-covered thick foam cushion for you to drop dead in (pun intended) and a classic metal spring construction seat which ensures durability and strength. The original coffin couch folds up to a fully shut position when not in use looking exactly like a creepy coffin lying around in the house for no apparent reason. But of quirk is your thing and your home is home to some innovative objects then no reason why this Original Coffin Couch shouldn’t occupy some space in your humbly terrifying abode.

Do you have the heart to bring home a coffin-shaped couch and nestle glamorously in it all day? If you do then VonErickson’s original coffin couch comes in purple, red, or black fabric for a whopping $8000.

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[Available at: Etsy]

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