Designer Wiktor Jażwiec’s Hanging Bed hovers 18 inches off the ground!

No longer do you need to wait for a vacation to a Caribbean island to relish the joys of a hammock; not when you can have one of these in your bedroom! Designed by Polish designer Wiktor Jażwiec, this elegant bed attaches to the ceiling and hangs like a hammock! The bed is handcrafted and uses a pulley system to deploy and hover over the floor. Using jute ropes as well as a reinforced steel safety line, the 176-pound structure is a great addition to a bedroom, particular those that suffer from space crunches. The bed has two stances and can be deployed remotely. The “sleeping” position suspends the bed 18 inches above the ground while the “pulled up” position retracts it to the ceiling above.

And that’s not all! To add to its aesthetic value, Jażwiec has also included fully-adjustable backlit accents. These are located where the ropes are attached to the structure of the bed. Apart from this, the bed is also available in a range of woods and finishes, enabling you to pick and choose one according to your taste and your bedroom. Installing one of these is easy too, requiring just a drill and a hammer to have it set up. The Hanging Bed by Wiktor Jażwiec comes with a price tag of $2,735.

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[Available at – Etsy]

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