Dreaming of Paris or New York? Scott Alexander’s candles bring home the scent of famous destinations

One thing is certain; if you can’t go someplace yourself, its scent will transport you to the place, mentally and effectively! No wonder candles are turning to be the best gift to give and receive, especially since travel restrictions are still very prevalent in most parts of the world. Candles are truly escalating not only as a must-have but also as a must-give accessory. Today, each place created by God has a corresponding candle that smells like these streets and delivers its vibe continents away. Not just places candles bring the smells of cinemas, pubs, and music festivals home too. Fans were thrilled on learning that Drake will soon launch a candle that will smell exactly like him. If that’s too much for you, then maybe you’d like to experience candles that bring the scent of famous destinations to your bedroom. Turn your bedroom into New York, living room into Aspen, and patio to Paris with Scott Alexander’s luxe candle collection that smells truly global without a passport! The splendid collection features 10 scents, four of which capture the smells of incredible adventures to Paris, Aspen, Africa, and New York. Of course, this was no easy feat to accomplish and required 18 extensive months of researching hundreds of scents to get the right blend to go with each city or destination. This resulted in New York getting a scent that combines frankincense, sandalwood, amber, and patchouli notes for that hint of eccentricity. Similarly, Paris was accomplished using a blend of apricot, rose, and tonka bean to evoke a sense of balmy midnight strolls under the starry Parisian sky.

The wonderful fragrances come encased in a decorative bronze vessel handmade from the age-old process of lost wax bronze casting in the foundry. These 3 wicks or 5 wick candles are an excellent addition to any home as the candle contributes to creating an ambiance while the vessel adds to the home’s beauty. Prices for the bronze range from $330 to $1,930, with refills costing $60, $120, and $350. The same scents come in an economical glass line for $20 and $80.

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[Available at: Scott Alexander Scents]

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