Dyson’s new suave looking desk lamp has an LED that will last for 37 years

Dyson may not be a company that people recognise as innovators in the lightbulb industry but that’s all about to change. The British tech company has just announced that they’ve ‘successfully’ created an LED bulb that, like Energizer’s famous Bunny, can shine on and on and on and on and… you get the picture.

The Dyson CSYS is a very chic looking desk lamp featuring the company’s proprietary LED that is capable of lasting for 37 years. You don’t need to read that line again; but to be clear; the longevity of this LED is almost four decades. This is pretty much the biggest deal in the industry and could leave the competition ‘in the dark’ for a long time. Although LED’s tend to have a longer life span than regular bulbs, the heating issue tends to be the primary reason for them dying out and Dyson has paid special attention to this little detail. Their design incorporates an aluminum heat-sink that’s been specifically designed to draw heat away from the bulb itself and thereby protect the phosphorous coat helping it last longer. The design concept has been achieved by employing a system that pays homage to satellite technology.
Dyson says that the lamp light can last for 37 years if used for about 12 hours per day, continuously! But when it comes down to brass tacks the CSYS desk lamp might not be the most affordable option with a price tag of somewhere between $649 and $899 (wow!). Maybe we’ll wait for about 37 years and hopefully the price will fall. But all jokes aside, Dyson’s innovation has merit and it’s only a matter of time before the competition gears up and launches their own versions at lower prices. As of right now however, Dyson is untouchable!

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[Via – Inhabitat]

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