Every office and airport should have the Podtime sleeping pod

The other day, after a long journey in a bus, i took a connection flight to an airport, from where i would take a flight to my holiday destination. This connection gave me a good 12 hour space to loaf around the not-so-small-but-quite-desperately-un-facilitated airport. What i desperately yearned was a place to stretch my legs and sleep, even if it was just for a bit, like 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I found none, and had to pounce on a recliner at the common lounge. If I had the Podtime sleeping pod around then, I would have had a more enjoyable and relaxing journey. they are not tiny, but comes with a mattress fit into a tube and also offer good air circulation. I am not sure how it would handle my constant feel of claustrophobia though. The pod which retails between $2,100 and $3,000 is made of a polycarbonate tube with frosted doors. comes in various colours and add-ons like secret luggage compartment, TV, leather mattress and digital radio.

Strange that something so simple and basic and convenient also comes at a luxury pricing. The silver lining could be the concept, which is impressive and progressive. The future is very near.

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