Meet Podzook, the personalized pod for work, play, meditation or more that fits into any backyard

Designed by a trained architect and based on a similar design that was made for the UK, Judy Bernier, the creator of Podzook, has devised this workspace or outdoor single-unit room that would make a Hobbit quite jealous… maybe. Built in Maine, the Podzooks are crafted using eco-friendly resources and could be the perfect space for you to take shelter when the world of work, family or people in general are getting to you.

This cute little one-room spherical pod is built with shingles and is well insulated for all kinds of weather. The Podzook can be fully customized for whatever purpose you wish to use it for be it a kids playhouse, a work center, a workshed, meditation room, get-away from the world zone etc. Each of the pods are made-to-order and are made from curved plywood and are well insulated to prevent air leakages and keep the elements at bay. Using zero-emissions paints, the interiors are customized to your needs/wants and finished with plasterboard as well as matte zero-VOC. The floors are lined with reclaimed hardwood and also feature heating components. And in case you’re wondering, a little port-hole styled window is also provisioned for just to let the natural light in as well. Each unit is about 9.6 feet across and about 8.3 feet high and utilizes electricity just like a toaster would… just plug it in. It even has its own data port.
Podzook personalized pod 6
So what does this little personal space globe cost, all in? Well the starting price somewhere between $32,000 to $40,000; but all things considered, it seems like a worthy investment, especially seeing as it’s small enough to be fitted in most backyards.

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[Via – Inhabitat]

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