Fancy a hanging bed in your bedroom?

When summer is in full swing, there’s no better place to relax than a comfortable hammock. But if you’re used to having plenty of space to roll around in, then there’s an even better option up for grabs. An enterprising man from Poland named Wiktor Jażwiec is selling novel hanging beds on Etsy! The suspended bed can be set in two positions, the sleeping position, wherein it rests about 18 inches off the ground or the pulled up position, where its mechanism can be used to “store” it right under the ceiling. The size and materials are highly customizable ensuring that your hanging bed is a perfect fit for your home.

The bed is sold with its automatic up/down mechanism, adjustable backlighting, and the screws needed for assembly. Customers would need to install it themselves and use a mattress of their own. But for the price of $2,797.67, it all seems worth it. The largest bed weighs only about 80 kg and an extra protection is provided for when it is placed in the pulled up position, so it’s very stable and you need not worry about crashing to the ground. With a variety of wood finishes, lacquers and high gloss paint options, you can turn this into a chic but exciting addition to your bedroom.

[Via – Etsy]

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