Fulfill your Mile High dream on ground with this bed made out of a Boeing 747 engine

Ever dreamt of having a Mile High adventure but stopped by inhibitions? If you think the risks are too high and you aren’t that adventurous, here’s another option that might not be as rewarding but will be some kind of consolation that’ll cover for your lack of boldness. It’s a bed fashioned out of the outer shell of an engine from a Boeing 747. MotoArt is a company that specializes in making furniture out of vintage plane parts and they are the ones behind this slick and shinny bed. Sized for King or California King Mattresses, the bed sports a split GE engine nacelle which has chrome finish. In addition to it, the bed also features a padded leather headboard and footboard and customizable lighting. Want one? Be ready to shell out $20,000 to buy one.








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