Love Cloud a Vegas based airline specifically designed to help couples join the Mile High Club

Airline loos while exciting and much glamorized by Hollywood, needless to say, are now passé. So, no need to pull an Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet from A Lot Like Love on your next flight trip because guess what? It’s NOT a lot like love! Here’s what is- Love Cloud, a Las Vegas based airline service. Think, Britain’s Mile High Club, only version Las Vegas.

On your next trip to Vegas, you can add, “getting busy in the back of a modified Cessna 421 Golden Eagle” on your to-do list. Love Cloud offers those looking to join the “mile high club” both daytime and nighttime trips on one around Las Vegas. “I brought it up in conversation with a few of my buddies of how cool it would be to start a ‘Mile High Club’.” Conceived by Andy Johnson the service is designed to be “a flight that no couple will ever forget.”

Taking couples over Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and, of course, the Strip, the trip also comes with add-ons like limo service to/from the airport, chocolates and champagne. And ‘Mile High VIP’ membership cards upon landing! If that still leaves some doubts in your head, like say, cleaning, “after every flight, Love Cloud has a cleaning service that cleans every part of the aircraft with specific cleaning products to kill any and all germs.” That means fresh sheets, pillow covers and towels as well.

If that settles it, then here’s what you can get, a 40-minute flight for $799, one-hour for $999, while 90 minutes goes for $1,299. Now, if you’re thinking of making the most of this experience, and before you get any ideas, I mean getting married, sadly you can’t. Well, at least not aboard the plane because of marital laws in Las Vegas, but Love Cloud folks said they’d be more than happy to help you tie the knot while grounded. And when you’re done scoring ‘high’ points here, you can perhaps move onto the Mile Low Club submarine experience.

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