Frette’s fine luxury linen oozes timeless grace and classic elegance

If you are a fashionista with a penchant for decadent décor, fret not. For Frette fulfills all frilly fantasies with French-Italian flair. The brand that celebrated 150 years in 2010 with a limited edition 150 Anniversario collection is renowned for the sophistication of its Jacquard and the ‘Albert Gagedois’ textile bleaching patent. Owing to which, it has pioneered the production of intricate fabrics and soft, white finishes, proliferated in the likes of the Ritz in Paris (pictured above), the Savoy in London, the Plaza in New York, and the Peninsula in Hong Kong, over durations. So let’s take a look at its latest range as well as pay homage to a Frette classic from the Essentials collection.

The Doppio Ajour, known to be popular with architects, designers, and discerning homeowners, is double or “doppio” the charm yet subtly chaste. Simply patterned but high in quality, the Egyptian cotton sateens feature elegantly bordered sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers owing to two lines of open hemstitch, posing perfectly well with almost everything in Frette’s fine selection.

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Jauntily juxtaposing with its versatile grace is the Acquerello. Giant peonies and cloud motifs make up most of the New Acquerello Collection. Touted to be a modern take on a lavish Chinese archive design, the pattern possesses a Parisian exuberance reminiscent of Japonaiserie and Chinoiserie from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The print appears on cotton sateen duvet covers and quilts in a curious rose and grey combination.

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From its 1880 commissioned by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Kingdom of Italy and all Embassies worldwide in 1880, the Concorezzo-based company went on to become official purveyors to the Italian Royal Family in a year. It then began supplying exclusive tailor-made linens to over 500 noble European dynasties. So it comes as no surprise that today, Frette bedecks the posh-est boudoirs and hotel suites in luxury linen elegance.

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