Ejector seat from a fighter jet converted into a bar stool

Bar stools come in all shape and sizes and quirkier they are, more appealing they seem to be. But this bar stool is by far the coolest we have ever come across (at least for me it is as I am a one hardcore fan of supersonic fighter-jets). Smitten by jet fighters and their uber-cool cockpits, we all have goofed around as kids to role-play a pilot and pretend to be in a dog fight and eventually ejecting out. If you want to make things a bit more authentic then get yourself the Martin Baker MK10 Panavia Tornado Ejector Seat by Hangar 54 which is wrapped in all the naked mechanisms of the ejector seat.

The founders of the company, Brett and Shane Armstrong, scavenged aviation junkyards around the world looking for unique parts to turn into bespoke high-end furniture. They managed to salvage vintage Martin Baker ejector seats from decommissioned RAF Panavia Tornado jets, refurbish it by stripping them down, cleaning them and hand polishing the aluminum parts to perfect sheen and finally re-upholstering them in premium leather. The final product is one unique and awesome ejector seat bar stool. And in case you are too sloshed to act sane, you can always rediscover the child in you by playing an intense dog fight scene. The repurposed Martin Baker MK10 Panavia Tornado Ejector Seat is priced at £8160 (US$13,400) a pop.













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