Is this the ultimate kitchen knife? (Its by Porsche Design)

Porsche has our attention yet again! Its latest offering is super sleek, sharp-looking, shining in stainless steel, and made with seamless perfection. It has no wheels as this time it isn’t a car but it can be called the ‘ultimate kitchen knife’. As Porsche says, for optimal performance and effortless precision in the kitchen you got to rely on their design sensibilities. They have designed the kitchen knife in a way that will make slicing those tomatoes a task as easy and natural as blinking your eyes. It comes with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable and satisfying hold. The Universal Kitchen Knife is a must for any chef’s arsenal and can power through any prep work with ease. It is made from high-quality Japanese Pure 301 stainless steel and the quality blade effortlessly slices through meats and vegetables.

The next time you want to go all ninja in the kitchen, make sure you have a partner as efficient and sharp as the ultimate kitchen knife. It is advised to be hand-washed and dried after every use. When using type 301, always use wooden or plastic cutting boards. The ultimate kitchen knife is collaboration between F.A. Porsche and the chef of the decade, Jörg Wörther.

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[Via: Uncrate]

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