Karl Lagerfled-John Paul Welton concoct a luxurious “So Karl” Candle

Celebrated for his absolutely distinctive and tasteful style, Karl Lagerfeld had unveiled his own premium collection of candles back in 2013. Now, a new fragrance has been added to the high-end set. Entailing a luscious and refined scent, “Candle Karl” will present itself this autumn. Featuring the designer’s sense of humour, the candle will burst with a “so Karl” wit. An interesting collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and perfumer John-Paul Welton has given way to this crafty piece.

Candle Karl packshot 1 CMJN
A creative resemblance of Karl’s signature look, the candle is adorned with glasses and of course his stylish collar. Delightfully positioned in a white lacquered glass container, sitting on a biscuit porcelain base, the best thing about it is after it burns out; you can keep the likeness or even put a new candle in it.
Candle Karl 1 CMJN
Based on unique combinations of fig and pepper as well as woody, amber and spicy essences, the candle breathes tones of home scents. For the Candle Karl, the perfumer concocted an oriental spice with top notes of Lagerfeld’s much-loved cinnamon, citrus, mandarin and pink peppercorn. There are notes of jasmine and orange blossom, blended with cardamom, nutmeg and tobacco notes that emphasize the character of the scent.

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Made in France and priced for a little over $350, you and your household guests can sip champagne while eau de Karl wafts through the halls.

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