London is now home to the first hotel for house plants

We are living in wonderful times where all ‘living things’ get their due importance and care. So when Patch opened the world’s first hotel for houseplants in London, it impressed the world. The idea is that ‘plant parents’ (as they like to call themselves) now have a place to leave their plant children while they are away vacationing without feeling guilty or totally ruining their efforts of keeping the plant kids alive. The Patch Plant Hotel – the brainchild of online plant shop Patch – is here to keep your plants alive and healthy in a ‘5-star all inclusive’ botanicals-only hotel. It’s free to book and even food and drinks are on the house (for the plants only). The Patch Plant Hotel is located in Battersea and is now open for bookings until 5 September 2019. Believe it or not there are 100 rooms available to accommodate your beloved leafy plants. I guess that’s a lot of plants. This is surely the biggest plant party in the biggest (and only) plant hotel in the world. Once checked in, your plants will be taken care of by a team of specialists, ensuring they stay hydrated and that’s not it; all plants will receive a check-up from the in-house wellness team, which includes a custom hydration spa treatment. Feeling bad you’re not a plant with vacationing parents? Me too!

On second thoughts, is any maverick planning to do something similar for kids as well? You don’t even have to do it for free. A kid-free vacation will have parents throwing money at you which could be double of what they are actually spending on a vacation. With millennials around creating new things at breakneck speed this dream will turn into reality too. Till then at least plant-parents are enjoying.

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