Made from a single sheet of carbon fiber – The RV1 chair is more like a piece of art

The worlds of technology and design have a never-ending love story with carbon fibre. This space-age material has revolutionized the way a number of things are built these days, making them light-weight and extremely durable. One such carbon fibre wonder that we spotted lately on our hunt for eye-catching furniture was this chair by British designer Kris Lamba. Called the RV1 Carbon Chair, this piece of furniture is as futuristic as it gets, complete with an extremely unconventional shape and a dark tinted black high-gloss natural-carbon finish. What makes this chair unique however, besides its out-of-the-box look, is the fact that it’s made from a single piece of carbon fibre. Lamba used a 20-metre-long carbon fibre sheet, twisted it, turned it and created this marvel.

The chair is also quite adaptable and with large indents on its top and bottom, this one offers two alternative seating positions. To do so, a user simple needs to flip the RV1 Carbon Chair over. The chair was inspired by wind tunnels, where Lamba observed a jet being tested. According to the designer, the RV1 Carbon Chair is the “”world’s first one-piece multi-position chair”. Also available in a shade of white, though we personally prefer the unadulterated carbon black, this chair is a great addition to homes as well as work spaces.

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[Via – Dezeen]

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