Make an art statement with the carbon fiber Dipinta Di Blue chair

A chair is a chair, is a chair. Yes, we get the point – it’s a chair only, why think too much and complicate it! Somehow ace designers like Adele Cassina, the daughter of the famous Cesare Cassina, seem to differ. And shows her side of the story with Dipinta Di Blue chair. The highlight of this rather interesting-looking designer chair, apart from its futuristic design, is the material. The blue chair is made of carbon fiber, which makes it the toughest chair possible. Of course, the curvaceous, fluid design gives it that shock value that can put your guests in instant awe of things around: it’s that noticeable! Priced at $8,300 a piece, it’s a limited production. The perfect addition if your home looks like the Wikileaks headquarters!


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