Makeup lovers rejoice! Here is quick and easy brush cleaner you’ve been waiting for

We already know that it’s important to clean make-up brushes regularly to prevent a buildup of old product and bacteria, but now there’s a really fun way to cross this boring chore off your list. The Lilumia Brush Washer looks like a gadget pulled straight out some futuristic family movie and promises to clean a set of six brushes in 15 minutes flat! The egg-shaped device uses a rotating mechanism combined with good old soap and water to get your brushed squeaky clean and bacteria free. The machine is gentle enough not to damage the handles or even the delicate bristles of your favorite make-up tools.

The machine is fool proof, all you have to do is fill the bottom part of the machine with soap and water, place your brushes into the holders and press the start button. The machine basically does all the work! You can your own Lilumia Brush Washer for $149 from August 7 onwards.

[Via – Instyle]

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