Pininfarina designs The Bull, a swanky limited edition beer tower for Jupiler

We love fast cars and beer, which is why this recent development by Pininfarina caught our eye. Known for designing some of the most beautiful cars in the world, Pininfarina recently unveiled The Bull, which happens to be an extraordinary beer tower! Developed for Jupiler, a brand of AB InBev, only 15 pieces of The Bull will be installed in exclusive clubs in Belgium, the first being the Versuz Club. Quoting Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group, “Looking at The Bull, I see energy and dynamism contained in a sophisticated frame; a sculpture in movement able to communicate all the power of the Jupiler’s world”.

While Pininfarina is better known as a design house that loves creating cars that look like works of art, this beer tower was a special project to innovate with Jupiler and create a sculpture that encompasses the brand’s values of passion, vigor and masculinity. The Bull is designed to imitate a ribcage of sorts, with three ribs functioning as beer dispensers and the fourth to lend balance to the design. “With the launch of the Pininfarina draft towers in the most famous clubs in Belgium, we want to reach out to nightlife people by delivering them a unique visual experience combined with the great taste of a perfect drafted Jupiler beer,” stated Sven Meeuwissen, Marketing Manager Lagers at AB InBev.

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