Roost eco-friendly garden pods: Your outdoor haven

Since I work from home, I step out into my beautiful garden to take in some fresh air and am instantly rejuvenated anytime I feel stressed. So I seriously would love it if my workplace was located in such a surrounding so that I would always be refreshed. With the Roost eco-friendly garden pods’ advent, I already see my dream of having a room in my garden turning into a reality. These amazing pods are like a home away from home (yet just next to your home) and can be used for anything – an extra living room, workplace, just anything. You also have the option of a grass roof to hide your pod from above, insulated panels to cut down energy costs, double glazing, sliding glass door, rubber flooring, concrete foundations, all the electrics you require, and several finishes for both inside and out. Just choose the options to fit your requirements and have your own space surrounded by the lush greenery. Just place this pod in your garden and enjoy the luxury and comfort of an additional room. A beauty, these pods are definitely amazing.

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The prices for these pods start at £17,630 ($29,000) plus VAT. Definitely a must buy for all if you ask me.

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