A glimpse into Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s new California home

Getting a glimpse inside celebrity homes has a strange thrill about it, we have previously seen a peek of Carla Fendi’s home, Ivanka Trump’s home and Tommy Hilfiger’s apartment. Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s house in Los Angeles has us equally excited. The house is family-friendly and equipped for the couple’s growing family, including two sons, Zachary and Elijah. The idea behind buying the 1960’s period home was to create a comfortable West Coast Base; they chose the 1960’s because it epitomizes their shared ideal of when California was at its best. To ensure that the apartment remained fashionable and yet child-friendly, they turned to designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard who rose to the challenge. The floor plan was perfect with open living spaces that allow the couple to entertain the way they want to whilst still creating intimate family spaces. Bullard transformed the interiors to represent who Elton John and David Furnish are as a couple while still making it a home rather than a house.

It is clear that the house belongs to contemporary art lovers as a Jeremy Blake digital print sets the tone for the living room. It’s hard to make hot pink and zebra stripes tasteful, yet somehow Bullard has managed this.

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The family room turns the traditional decor concept of using a dull couch with bright pillows on its head; instead, Bullard has used a bright green couch with black and gray pillows. The shelves along the L-shaped wall add a touch of messiness that every family home should have.

The bedroom is really Bullard’s masterpiece as by using silver mylar on the ceiling, he has managed to have the Mapplethorpe photographs and the view outside reflected in a myriad of colors.

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The view from the terrace makes it ideal to have brunch parties on lazy Sundays or to lay by the pool getting that covetable California tan.


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