Ferrari will soon let you build and race your own race car at a new interactive attraction in Legoland

My love has never really changed for Lego since I was a toddler. The only difference is that back then I built weird structures with Lego bricks and probably swallowed a few and now I get excited every time Lego introduces a new Technic set. However, my excitement level has been dialed to 10 with the latest announcement. The Legoland California Resort will soon add a new attraction to the theme park created in collaboration with Ferrari. The Ferrari “Build and Race” interactive attraction that is set to open in the spring of 2022 will offer the first-of-its-kind experience to the visitors.

“Ferrari is renowned for manufacturing cars unique in terms of performance, innovation, and design, setting the standard for luxury and excellence within the automotive world,” said Legoland California Resort President Kurt Stocks.

The attraction will be split into three zones. The Ferrari experience will start with a meet and greet session with the Lego pit crew members. The guests will also get to sit and experience a life-size Ferrari F40 model made entirely out of Lego bricks. The next zone in the experience is for the budding engineers who’ll get the chance to build their own race car out of Lego. Once the Lego cars are built, the visitors will be able to drive the car in one of the three racetracks, each with different obstacles and challenges, and attempt to set the fastest lap time.

The third and last zone will let the visitors create a digital version of the Lego race car they built along with a virtual version of themselves by getting digitally scanned. Different customization options for the race car and the racing driver will be offered. Once that’s done, guests will be able to virtually drive it at Ferrari’s legendary test track, the Pista di Fiorano, and compete with others.

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“The Build and Race experience has been designed to engage with both Ferrari and LEGO lovers of all ages, aligning with Ferrari’s strategy to reach out to its younger fans,” said Rochfort Annabel Rochfort, the company’s location-based entertainment and esports director.

[Via: NBC San Diego]

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