Blueprints reveal that Mark Zuckerberg’s seven-building compound on the Lake Tahoe shore will mirror his eccentric Hawaiian Koolau Ranch. From a 35-foot structure to fire pits, a bunkhouse, bridges, and mulch trails, it embodies quintessential Zuckerberg taste.

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After acquiring a sprawling, splendid abode in the high seas with his $300 million Launchpad superyacht, Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg is erecting another paradise in Lake Tahoe. The Silicon Valley tycoon plans to build a 75,000-square-foot, seven-building compound on the lake’s western shore, surrounded by unmatched natural beauty and views of imposing mountains. Rumor mills have been abuzz since December 2018, owing to a $22 million investment in a 3.5-acre property from the family of the late investment banker Robert Quist. This was followed by another massive purchase of a $37 million estate next door through a company named Golden Range LLC.

Construction is underway in full swing at the site. Image – Google Maps

It is now being said that the secretive land grab, which included some splendid properties, is undergoing demolition to make space for a centibillionaire-worthy seven-building compound. For now, the Carousel Estate has been demolished. It included a pier suitable for a large yacht (perhaps could accommodate his Launchpad yacht or at least the $30 million Wingman) and a house with seven bedrooms, according to the Wall Street Journal, which cited Zillow. The second property, called the Brushwood Estate, offers an impressive 600 feet of lakefront and over 10 acres of land. It is indeed a special space to construct lavish estates that Mark Zuckerberg seems to be incredibly fond of.

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Image – Mark Zuckerberg

The American businessman, worth $176 billion, owns a compound in Hawaii, the Koolau Ranch, boasting several mansions, an underground bunker, a village, and 11 treehouses connected with rope bridges. With such eccentric ideas, the 40-year-old indeed needs a lot of land.

Sunnyside lane in Lake Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe estate almost replicates this rare abode, as plans revealed a 20,000-square-foot primary residence and a 35-foot-tall structure, which doesn’t sound unusual if you have been following Zuckerberg’s real estate portfolio. The TRPA approved the construction of a timber and glass facade with a shingle roof, partially visible from the lake, a gym, a gatehouse, an office, and a guesthouse. The estate will include fire pits, bridges, and mulch trails.

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