Show me the money – A $12,700 home fragrance diffuser

Dr. Vranjes Firenze aims at making the home fragrance a luxurious affair. While that thought is good making it as expensive as a car, or jewelry or even a trip or two to another country is an idea I’m finding hard to accept. The fact that this diffuser is being touted as a source of blending the purest natural ingredients with the world’s finest essential oils doesn’t change its purpose of being a diffuser. When did diffusers get this crown to wear on their heads? You can’t be seriously pricing them more than a Chanel bag! There are a couple of aspects that may add to the cost but I’m still not convinced with its final price tag. The home fragrance is fitted with a prestigious marble cork sourced from the Apian Alps; this 24-karat gold leaf bottle is drenched in lavishness, making for a striking addition to your ornamental arrangement.

I guess they mean this diffuser can lie in the vault of Richie Rich’s bank with the rest of his mothers’ jewels. The home fragrance by Dr Vranjes Firenze costs a staggering $12,701.40!!!

[Available at:Harrods]

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