Transitioning from fragrances to home décor: Diptyque to launch its debut wallpaper collection

While the who’s who of the world have sworn by Diptyque for its fragrances, the French marquee is now set to experiment with interiors! It is all set to launch its first-ever wallpaper collection, complete with luxe wall coverings and more.

Drawing inspiration from the archives, and early upholstery designs, in particular, the collection is bound to impress. The Praetorien paper boasts the iconic Diptyque candle logo that is originally designed by Knox-Leet and finds its muse in the shields of Ancient Rome’s Praetorian guard.

On the other hand, the Basile paper is inspired by the monochrome Art Deco design, by Gautrot which was also used to drape sofas at the French Palais de l’Elysée. Further, one can also find vivid, colorful papers inspired by nature and other archival designs such as Mosaic, a trompe l’oeil style series of pointillis dots, as well as Odalisque, with its luxe imagery of clouds.

Conjured with the artistic aid of Bien Fait’s Cécile Figuette, the designs have been converted to paper form using a digital printing technique on non-woven paper rather than fabric. The environmentally friendly production is expected to hit shelves soon, although there is no word on the release date as yet. Well, for ardent fans of Diptyque, a home makeover could be in the making!

[Via: Tatler]

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