Swarovski Elements adds glitter to Stewart Filmscreen’s Couture Collection

Stewart Filmscreen has teamed up with Swarovski Elements for its latest fixed screen product line, dubbed the Couture Collection. The first screen in this line is just a hint of the dazzle the entire line beholds. This line’s first designer screen is expected to feature a stylish, sculpted fixed frame design accented with these loose cut crystals by Swarovski Elements. The entire collection is designed to besot the buyer with its exquisite beauty, be it with or without the projector. The Couture Collection frames are equipped with a new wall mounting system with levels and a simple corner key design. Stewart’s standard black Velux trim frames the video image while the designer sculpted frame frames the outside. What is more, the Couture Collection is available in a variety of colors like Diamond, Onyx, Silver, Gold, Rubellite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine, Peridot, and Topaz. You can also customize your own color to make sure your Couture Collection fixed screen blends beautifully with your décor.

A bespoke collection, even without any movie playing on it, the screens in this line are sure to captivate the attention of all those who lay their eyes on it. The Couture Collection starts shipping this Fall, so you had better start getting your living space ready to accommodate the latest luxury screen.
[Ecoustics And Audioholics]

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