Handmade in Italy, this $16,000 arcade machine is the perfect marriage of wood, glass, and Super Mario

Arcade Games are the first true love of millennials. That is why the nearly $16000 Rank gaming console by Tableswin makes absolute sense. The wood and glass arcade cabinet looks modernized owing to the float glass base structure. Keeping the mania of Mario accessible are metalized red joypads and pushbuttons with matt black lacquered wood structure. The matt chrome metal footrest ensures your comfort, while the state-of-the-art software keeps the experience seamless.

Let’s not forget the days when arcade games took over several hours of our day, making comfort paramount. Rank is entertaining and elegant, meticulously crafted in wood and glass in Italy, enhanced further by the contemporary design of Tableswin Arcades. Rank gaming console offers a select range of iconic games that are thoroughly enjoyable with the latest plug & play technology offering a cleaner digital performance.‎ Designed by Marc Sadler, the arcade console was manufactured in 2021.

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The handmade contraption measures W 27.56 x D 23.62 x H 59.06 and keeps aesthetics and ergonomics in mind. While Rank is a costly counterpart selling for $15750 a pop, a full-size sells for a much more affordable $2200 on Amazon.

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