The $62,000 transparent pool table comes fitted with 24K gold plated elements

Is this a pool table or a work of art? Well, it’s both! Impatia’s gold edition of the Filotto pool table is one of the most exquisite we have seen; and believe us when we say we have seen many! With this latest offering, the classic Filotto designed by Adriano Design for Impatia goes gold as the connecting joints and components glisten attractively in 24K gold plating. Wouldn’t this make for a great addition in a millionaire’s mansion? This gold edition radiates a sleek elegance that oozes luxury and turns a regular game of pool into a premium quality gaming experience. Connoisseurs and pool enthusiasts should know the 8ft pro table is equipped with an Italian slate base which allows for perfect leveling and a smooth playing surface true to comparison with any professional table. For anyone who knows the game, knows the importance of this feature. Lavish in the detailing, this gorgeous pool table is integrally handcrafted by artisans and exclusively tailor-made to order 100% in Italy. They have incorporated grand materials like crystal glass, the finest leather for pockets ball sack and box, and the highlight of the masterpiece- 24K gold plated elements made by the most masterly Italian goldsmiths.

Filotto pool table gold edition is available for $62,000 with a variety of customizations. A piece like this enhances not just the experience of playing the game but also superbly heightens the milieu wherever it is placed. The Filotto pool table truly progresses beyond the realms of art and luxury.

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