These Pine Cone–Shaped Tree Houses overlook a stunning Norwegian fjord

A Norwegian forest, impressive and fancy Woodnest cabin, and a chance to become one with nature is the charm these elegant and refined treehouses designed by Helen & Hard Architects bring to you. The extraordinary treehouse is located on the steep forested hillsides, suspended 5-6 meters above the forest floor and fastened with a steel collar to the individual trunk of a living pine tree. Another interesting aspect is that you need to do it the natural way to get to this natural haven- on foot! The site is not accessible by car, so guests hike along a steep mountain walking path that leads to the twin structures. Once there, you will find the 160 square-foot cabins carefully covered in wooden shingles, huge expansive windows, and uncompromised views of the Hardangerfjord below. Inside, a small bathroom and bedroom are tucked on either side of the entrance, while the rest of the space constitutes a kitchen/living area facing a glass façade that almost reaches from floor to ceiling. About Norwegian cultural traditions of vernacular timber architecture, this entire project has been created as an ode, with a desire to experiment with timber as a building material.

Helen and Hard Architects said, “Stemming from the client’s wish to create a unique spatial experience that connects to both the ordinary and extraordinary sensation of climbing and exploring trees, our aim was to create a space that truly embodies what it means to dwell in nature.” Both cabins are available for rent on the Woodnest website.

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