This $10,000 Star Wars Dewback Loveseat will make you feel like a Stormtrooper

If the 24 karat solid gold Darth Vader mask is too gaudy for you, notwithstanding the fact that it’s one of a kind piece that costs $1.4 million, how about this Star Wars Dewback sofa to make the inner nerd in you happy? Created by Tom Spina Designs, known for making custom Star Wars-themed furniture pieces for years, this 330-pound loveseat is part of a new spinoff of the design studio called Regal Robot, who’s dedicated to create custom furniture.

The sofa that is shaped like a Dewback – a giant lizard from Tatooine which we first see in “Star Wars: A New Hope” – doesn’t look too comfortable, neither appears to be practical; but, what the hell! And, the sofa looks very much alive thanks to thousands of hand-detailed scales. It even comes with faux fur blankets along with matching pillows and cushions, and a pair of cup holders. For those interested the sofa costs about $10,000 plus shipping.


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