This Abyss coffee table by Duffy London is just what you need to amp up your living room

A place is defined by its décor and giving you a chance to accentuate yours is Duffy London. The brand has introduced a limited-edition coffee table, that is touted to be ‘truly captivating and thought-provoking’ and we quite agree! Christened the ‘Abyss Horizon Coffee Table’, the furniture item is made-to-order by local artisans who emphasize the use of sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials. Its design portrays an interplay between light and layers of the natural Birchwood or marble coloration and sculpted blue glass.

The result is a mesmerizing, three-dimensional canvas that provides an illusion of the color of water transforming at different depths. The table features three curved legs supporting its dramatic, contoured base section which appears to droop downwards with a great, floating Abyss with a colossal sinkhole at its center.

Commenting on it, Christopher Duffy in a statement said: ‘For this piece, I wanted to achieve something very pure; a streamlined and elegant Abyss design that accentuates the overall visual effect, the wow factor! By redesigning the base section with slim legs to give a more graceful profile, we are also helping to focus the attention on the table-top more.’

Offered in a 120cm or 140cm diameter with the base section carved from a single block of White Italian Carrara Marble, the ‘Abyss Horizon Coffee Table’ retails at $30,854(approx.) and can be purchased online on Duffy London’s website.

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