MotoArt WACO Conference Table brings heritage power to your office

After giving you a varied variety of home décor made from aviation parts like a nose cowl coffee table, a mile high bed made out of inner flaps, a cowling reception desk with engine inlets, a commercial fuselage divider, a cowling bar, a wing flap conference table, KC-97 Fuel Tank Cradle Desk and a DC-8 Cowling Desk , MotoArt is now out with a heritage WACO Conference Table, crafted out of a 1930 WACO Wing that was laid to rest after World War II. After massive restoration to the wing, the table makes for a rare piece. Measuring to 24 feet in length, the table stands on racing pant legs and is topped with a ½-inch glass. Owing to the heritage status, the table earned $70,000. Similarly designed pieces can also be picked up at $35,000.

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Thanks Dave Hall

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