Bodice Rocker is the one of the most curvy chairs out there

Artists have painted beauty for the world to behold, writers have tried to describe it in their words, songwriters have given it rhythm with their lyrics and Splinter Works have sculpted it into their furniture’s form. In a true marriage of luxury lounging with arty aesthetics, the company has unveiled a unique mammoth artifice. The jaw dropping seating sculpture called the Bodice Rocker designed by brand founder and artist Matt Withington and developed with co-founder Miles Hartwell rocks, true to word. But the artwork pauses mid-air, as if weightless, allowing you to lounge, upon one other nudge, on its padded-leather comfort.

The multi-faceted masterpiece has its every angle providing glimpses into its sultry silhouette, perspectives changing with changing degrees. While vertically it may seem like an exquisite sculpture, placed horizontal, it highlights curvaceous assets of the human posture.

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The rocker can be customized in a choice of colors and materials, as per a person’s height and scaled appropriately to suit any room size. It is on exhibition at Decorex in Kensington Palace for two more days along with the label’s Vessel bathtub and other ingenious works. For $14,500, the luxurious lounger is ‘exceptional furniture and functional sculpture’ indeed.

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