This algae-filled glass chandelier is your perfect answer to an eco-friendly décor

Think chandelier’s and one is immediately transported to the royal era of all things grand and beautiful. While Swarovski studded and gold-covered chandeliers are the staple, some environment conscious lads like Julian Melchiorri are busy devising eco-friendly alternatives for the same. The result – a ‘green chandelier’ that promises to purify the air around you while still adorning that living room, like it’s meant to!

Melchiorri, who is a London based designer and a leading biochemical technology researcher, premeditated the ‘Exhale Chandelier’ as it is called, from glass and green algae. The final prototype in a special bionic-leaf format (that is a product of years of painstaking effort), makes use of the basic principles of photosynthesis for converting CO2 into oxygen. The designer’s artificial leaf system stores live algae between glass structures that can further be configured into various forms and shapes for versatility.

The amazing eco-product can be used indoors as well as outdoors for air purification. From the aesthetical angle, as well, the Exhale Chandelier does perfect justice and can be a plus to any living room or gallery. It is currently on display at the V&A museum for the London Design week, where it is garnering overwhelming attention and hopefully some evil CO2.

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