The $500,000 Dollhouse flaunts a gold and diamond-studded chandelier

I love dollhouses; it reminds me of the fun, carefree days when all I did was play. But if you want a dollhouse-like this, then you can’t afford to play but need to work long and hard for such opulence to grace you! If you missed the Queen Mary’s dollhouse at Windsor Castle, this one will make up for that stunning site. Owned by silent movie actress Coleen Moore, the elaborate dollhouse is crafted in fine details and studded with gemstones. It is not a house but a castle; it features a miniature drawing room, great hall, chapel, library, princess’s bathroom, bedroom, prince’s bathroom and bedroom, the attic, and a ‘magic’ garden. Taking pages off famous fairytales, the great hall in the center sports statues of Cinderella and her prince, murals of the Pied Piper from Hamlin, along with glass windows spotting visuals of Jack & the Beanstalk.

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Put up on public display at the Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago; the $500,000 worth castle also features wrought copper kitchen utensils, along with a dining table, which is a carbon copy of the one placed inside Queen Mary’s dollhouse. The drawing room is grander thanks to the rose quartz, jade, and chinaware from a 500-year-old Chinese royal collection and a pure gold and diamond chandelier. The castle also sports a mural painting by Walt Disney.

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