This ridiculously luxe $16,000 bathtub from Kohler guarantees relaxation with voice-controlled temperature setting, fog, and aromatherapy.

A bath can be as simple as hopping into the shower or as rejuvenating as sinking into a new level of relaxation in a $16,000 bathtub. The Stillness Bath by Kohler is rightfully named. Due to their fantastic technology taking a bath will become equivalent to slowing down time and genuinely relaxing the mind and body. The Stillness Freestanding Bath allows users to go all out with an integrated mood lighting system, fog generation, and an “experience tower” engaging an aromatherapy program. With the PerfectFill technology by your side, all you need is a voice and intention to activate water light, fog, and aromas for a premium wellness experience right in the comfort of your home.

The voice-activated aromatherapy works via an app or your voice. From filling the tub to set the exact water level and temperature for your preferred bath, all you need is to say the word. In short, from filling water to draining it, your smartphone entirely controls all the pleasures in between. The base model is expected to retail for $8,000. Kohler has revealed that the ridiculous luxe, tech-heavy Stillness Bath will be available for online orders by the end of March 2022.

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To get your hands on Kohler’s posh Infinity Experience involving the bathtub being placed in the middle of a free-flowing wooden base and mood lighting, the base model will start at $11,000 and go upto will set you back by at least $18,000. The PerfectFill smart bathing technology can be bought separately for $2,700.

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