The Tranquility Pod waterbed gently pulsates with music to offer the ultimate restful sleep

After a bad day at work, only the comfort of a bed can take away all the worries and offer the much needed respite, and when a bed looks this good, who can possibly refuse! The Tranquility Pod is nothing but a mini-heaven on earth for those who love their sleep, and it’s not just the looks but a lot more that it has to offer that is simply mouth watering. The shape of the Tranquility Pod reminds us of the Zero Day bed we came across a few years back which looks quite similar but unlike the later it is a water bed. Starting with the aesthetics of the bed, it has a retro-futuristic design with a glossy exterior, and the elliptical opening to the pod reveals a suede-topped, memory foam cushion that covers an octagonal waterbed with two lofty suede pillows.

The pod’s ellipsoid exterior which is hand-built with fiberglass blocks ninety percent of outside noise while its foci ameliorate music played from the integrated 80-watt, four-speaker sound system via an iPhone or smartphone. The subwoofer of the system generates gentle vibration through the bed, which further enhances the experience. The pod also has a special biofeedback system which uses a pulse sensor that measures heart rate and it with the 50 LED lights that surround the bed and create ambient mood lighting. That’s not all, the temperature of the waterbed can also be controlled. This bed is arguably the best neo-futuristic sleeping pod we have ever come across. It’s sold in the US by Hammacher Schlemmer and is priced at a staggering $30,000.

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[Available at Hammacher-Schlemmer]

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