Weighing a mere 1,660 grams this is the lightest chair in the world

If heavy and bulky looking chairs are not your thing – the Ultraleggera 1660 is the delight you are looking for! Touted to be the lightest chair in the world, the luxe and light piece of furniture is perfect for the practical décor needs of today.

Designed by Oskar Zięta as a response to the lightweight challenge set by Gio Ponti’s design icon, the Superleggera chair from 1957, the ULTRALEGGERA chair is a mono-object that is apt for the modern consumer. It is fully recyclable and makes an ideal part of the circular economy.

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The chair comprises a durable frame made using FiDU technology and a laser-cut seat plus backrest. And although light, it has been tested for strength and durability. Zieta trailed in under two rigorous test regimes – the first performed on a free-standing chair with a load of 500 kg, and the second with the chair enduring a load of 1208 kg.

Commenting on it, Oskar Zięta, in a statement, said, “Bionics, or engineering inspired by biology, is for us an important point of departure. In the natural environment, there are structures that have been optimized in the process of evolution – we observe them and try to transfer these “clever” solutions to the world of design and architecture.”

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He further added, “What I have in mind here are such structures as the delicate but extremely strong wings of dragonflies, durable chitinous shells of beetles or light and stable pneumatic bird skeletons.” The award-winning Ultraleggera chair is currently available on sale for $1060 per piece. Fancy buying it?

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