Accessible only by a canoe, this 8 hotel-rafts pop-up on a lake in Belgium will bring you closer to nature and rejuvenation.

If you thought only homes were adapting to an out-of-the-box design culture by hanging on the edge of cliffs or turning into bubble-shaped cabins then the latest offerings in hotels will leave your jaw-dropped. We have seen exemplary examples like a pod hanging by a mountain in Peru to a silo in New Zealand and now ‘Vlotkamp’, Dutch for ‘raft camping’ is a small pop-up hotel that’s bringing adventure and nature back into our lives like never before. The brainchild of Tobias Knockaert & Kika merlin on a lake in Flanders, Belgium Vlotkamp features 8 rafts, only accessible by canoe. It is conveniently located in the Domein Polderwind, in the middle of the Polders of West Flanders, less than half an hour from Bruges by bike.

If you’ve needed a good excuse to escape the clutches of COVID-19 then there’s no better refuge than this lap of leisure and venture. Every raft is made out of 5 floating modules with a durable Sibley tent put on top. Sometimes comfort tops luxury and this is one such shining precedent. Wake up in the middle of the waters after a good night’s sleep on your super comfortable king-size double circular mattress, topped with some nice cushions and a bunch of cozy decorative elements. To enjoy the unmatched and serene views there are 2 outdoor seats and a small table, along with the provision of an onboard emergency toilet, which works with wood snippets.

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Extra yet essential features that you’ll find on the domain include a wheelchair-accessible raft on the shore, a bar, and a care hotel. The raft hotel was constructed using recycled barrels as floating devices. A custom exoskeleton tightly supports the canvas and provides a sturdy cover to withstand the most extreme summer conditions and winds too. End-of-life tires protect the raft and canoe against bumping. Vlotkamp is the couple’s second pop-up hotel after the success of the Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel that sits just outside of Bruges and sits suspended 3.5 meters off the ground through wood and steel stilts.

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[Via: Vlotkamp]

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